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Why Hire The Shagley Team

The Shagley Team is a Special Group of Realtors

  • We have the reputation for being ethical, honest, and fair all of which help ensure successful closings
  • We outshine anyone else with over 58 years of combined experience, plus an additional 10 years of legal expertise.
  • We keep a guest register of visitors to the open house in order to get greater feedback for our clients and consistent follow-up.
  • Since 2007 California real estate has been adjusting, with the most difficult financial time starting in September of 2008. During this period we have not lost a deal because of financing.
  • With our extensive experience and our personal relationships with loan agents, other real estate professionals, appraisers, buyers and sellers we have a successful closure rate of over 98%.
  • We have been rated with close to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Our team dynamic model has enabled us to deal with a diversified pool of buyers and sellers and has honed our negotiating skills to a fine edge. We take pride in our ability to successfully negotiate with all parties involved in a transaction.
  • We will provide you a written home enhancement checklist so we can optimize condition and viewing of the home.
  • As estimate of expenses and costs to show you the net proceeds when your sale is complete.
  • Create maximum exposure for your property by proactively promoting property to our database, tabbing into our referral network and marketing to the most active agents.
  • Qualify prospective buyers and research their lending options to increase the likelihood that they can secure financing.
  • Negotiate the strongest terms to create a solid transaction that will close on time without any surprises.