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The Shagley Team: Jennifer, Earl & Carren

We are a team of three with a backup of hundreds.


Clients are Saying

Do yourself a favor and work with the Shagley Team

We were looking to buy a house this year (first time home buyers here) and have nothing but positive things to say about Jennifer and Carren's work through this process with us. Seriously could not have done it as well without them. The house we bought was only the second one we put an offer in  on and ended up being EXACTLY what we wanted and in the price range we were happy with. Here are some (well, a lot of) points of working with Jennifer and Carren so you can see if they will be a good fit for you: 1. They went to every single open house with us, every single weekend for three months until we found our house. I think we looked at around 50 houses over that time. 2. They worked within our budget and didn't push styles/prices/neighborhoods that we didn't want. 3. They offered advice how how we could potentially imagine remodeling a house as we did the open houses and provided realistic costs for doing these so we could effectively compare a "fixer upper" to a "done" house. 4. They were flexible with us as we changed our ideal neighborhood 3 times. 5. They have been doing this so long that they know many of the selling realtors which was helpful in getting inside information on homes and also how we could put in a preferred offer. 6. The home we ended up purchasing was a "pocket sale" which was not listed on MLS. Never would have found this without them. And because of this we were able to beat the crowds and competition and purchase a home in SF for BELOW what it ended up being appraised at! When have you ever heard of that happening in SF? 7. Very responsive by email and text with all our ridiculous questions. I interviewed two other agents and it took them forever to get back to me (weeks in some cases!). Contrary to what a previous reviewer mentioned, I NEVER got a single piece of spam from Jennifer or Carren whereas I did from other realtors that I interviewed and never hired. 8. They held our 1 year old daughter, entertained her, and kept her fed so we could focus on houses at the open houses and not have to make sure our daughter wasn't throwing herself down the stairs or out of windows. 9. They gave us a gift, home warranty, and provided their preferred list of contractors to do some minor work that was suggested on our new home when we closed. Do yourself a favor and make the process easier on yourself if you are a home buyer and work with the Shagley team.

—Lori Jean